A Lasting Gift
by Joan Costner

The year I became 50, I believe I received a very special birthday gift. But, of course, that is in the mind of the reader to decide.  I could say all manner of things as to my credibility but it still comes down to your discernment.  I will recall for you every step of my unfolding experience.  I recall waking early, getting up from bed, remembering that it was my birthday.  I recall that I stopped in the doorway of the bedroom and thought, “Half a century I am half a century old Well, I guess I’d better start this day right...I should read my Bible”.  In my mind came the answer, “Yes.”  “But, where would I read?”
“Psalms”.  “But, so many Psalms Which one?”  “One hundred thirty nine.”  “Are there that many Psalms?

Well, one thing for sure, I better wash my hair.  I don’t want to look bad on this day.  So, I didn’t read Psalms, but I didn’t forget.   I just put it off. I did my hair, powdered my nose, dressed, answered the phone several times.  Glancing at the clock, I couldn’t imagine where the time had gone. Almost dinner time.  It was our habit that my husband, Glenn, would eat dinner, and then lay down on the couch for a few minutes needed rest. I would sit in the chair, reading a book with my eye on the clock, and wake him in time to get back to work on time.  So we ate, Glenn laid down, and I sat down.  I had a new book sent out by Guideposts: Arthur Gordon’s “Through Many Windows”.  It was laying by my side and I picked up -not the Bible - but my new book.  I opened it carefully because it was new and turned the first pages.
On the second page, all by itself, was this quote:  “If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, behold thou art there”....Psalms 139.  I sat stunned for a minute. I remember thinking something about a brick wall falling on me...and I picked up my Bible.  As I read Psalms 139, all I could do was praise the Lord.  All I could think was of His faithfulness and how He
loved me. I consider it my most lasting and precious gift ever.

Joan Clifton Costner
©© by Joan Clifton Costner

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