The Lord Helps Us
By Derek Dill

The Lord is our helper. He helps us through all our struggles, all our trials, and all life's decisions that we must endure. He is always with us.

He is our light and our salvation. Jesus lights the path through the narrow way through this life. The narrow path is straight and unwavering. His light shines on God's truths. The Word that mankind needs in a dark sinful world. Jesus is our salvation. God sent Him to earth to save us from our sins, from the clutches of Satan's grasp, and from ourselves. Mankind isn't able to make an eternal life-saving decision on it's own. The world needs a Savior. A guide to show us the way to heaven. Jesus lights the way to a brighter day and a brighter hope that illuminates peace and joy in our hearts.

The Lord is on our side. He is an ever encouraging presence in the Christian's life. He carries us when we fall. He teaches us when we need wisdom. He comforts us when we are distressed and weak from fighting the world's temptations. He is our shield. When we must battle the evils of this life, Jesus is our protector. When we are born into this world, our souls need to be saved. Jesus came to earth to save us, and then went back to heaven to prepare for our return to Him.

When the Lord is on our side, why shall we fear? What can man do to us that Jesus cannot and will not restore. Jesus is our light, our salvation, and He is our eternal helper. Thank You Jesus for all You do. Amen.

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